Exploring On-Body Concealed Carry Options for Women: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Concealed carry is a personal choice, and for women, finding the right on-body carry option is crucial for both comfort and accessibility. While off-body carry is an option, on-body carry is often recommended for its quick access and retention. In this blog post, we’ll delve into various on-body concealed carry positions, exploring their advantages and disadvantages to help you make an informed decision about the method that suits you best.

1. Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holster:


  • Concealment: IWB holsters provide excellent concealment, tucking the firearm inside your pants for minimal visibility.
  • Accessibility: The firearm is readily accessible, allowing for a quick draw when needed.
  • Versatility: Works well with various clothing styles, from loose-fitting to more form-fitting outfits.


  • Comfort: Some women may find IWB holsters uncomfortable, especially in seated positions.
  • Learning Curve: Proper positioning and adjusting to the holster may take time.

2. Outside the Waistband (OWB) Holster:


  • Comfort: OWB holsters can be more comfortable for some women, as they don’t press against the body.
  • Accessibility: Quick and easy access to the firearm.
  • Easier to Draw: Generally easier to draw from compared to IWB holsters.


  • Concealment: Requires a cover garment to conceal effectively.
  • Limited Wardrobe Options: Clothing choices may be limited due to the need for an outer layer.

3. Appendix Carry:


  • Quick Access: Provides rapid access to the firearm.
  • Comfort for Some: Some women find appendix carry comfortable, especially when standing or walking.
  • Minimal Printing: Less printing when compared to other positions.


  • Comfort for Others: Can be uncomfortable when sitting for long periods.
  • Safety Concerns: Requires strict adherence to safety rules due to the firearm’s proximity to the body.

4. Pocket Carry:


  • Concealment: Excellent concealment, especially with smaller firearms.
  • Comfort: Comfortable, particularly in warmer weather.
  • Easy Wardrobe Integration: Works well with a variety of clothing styles.


  • Limited Firearm Size: Restricted to smaller firearms.
  • Draw Speed: Slower draw speed compared to other positions.

5. Bra Holster:


  • Concealment: Provides deep concealment, minimizing printing.
  • Accessibility: Allows for a discreet draw.
  • Comfort for Some: Some women find bra holsters comfortable for certain situations.


  • Comfort for Others: May not be comfortable for all body types.
  • Limited Firearm Size: Restricted to smaller firearms.

6. Ankle Holster:


  • Secondary Carry Option: Ideal for a backup firearm.
  • Concealment: Effective concealment with the right clothing.


  • Draw Speed: Slower draw compared to other positions.
  • Limited Firearm Size: Limited to smaller firearms.
  • Discomfort for Some: Can be uncomfortable, especially during extended periods.

Off-Body Carry:


  • Versatility: Allows for a wider range of firearm sizes and types.
  • Concealment: Concealment is not dependent on clothing choices.


  • Accessibility: Slower access to the firearm compared to on-body carry.
  • Retention: Increased risk of losing control of the firearm in certain situations.

Conclusion: The Choice is Yours

While on-body carry is generally recommended for its accessibility and retention, the best carry position is a deeply personal choice. Consider your lifestyle, wardrobe, and personal comfort when making this decision. Whether you choose IWB, OWB, appendix, pocket, bra, ankle, or off-body carry, it’s crucial to practice and train regularly to ensure a safe and effective draw in any situation.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and the best carry method is the one that aligns with your preferences, needs, and lifestyle. Stay safe, stay empowered, and carry with confidence.

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